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Frequently asked questions about Web-store-buddy

What do I need to download and install on my web site?
Nothing! Web-store-buddy is a remotely hosted application, a form of "cloud computing"
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How easy is it to set up? What do I need to be able to do?
Web-store-buddy is extremely easy to set up. If you already design and publish your own web pages, then you're good to go! Read more...
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Does Web-store-buddy send my customers an order confirmation email?
Yes. Web-store-buddy sends a professionally designed customizable email to your customer that confirms the order and itemizes any applicable delivery delivery and tax charges.
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What countries and currencies does Web-store-buddy support?
Web-store-buddy allows you to set up a list of countries that you wish to trade with. That can be just your own country, or a selection of countries, or anyone, anywhere who is prepared to pay you! At present Web-store-buddy allows you to price your products in one of these currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, CAD, AUD, ZAR, NZD, JPY, MTL. If you use Stripe or PayPal to process your payments, your shopper will be able to pay in their own currency.
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Can Web-store-buddy be set to my time zone?
Yes. Web-store-buddy adds a time stamp to your orders and this can be set to reflect your local time.
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Can customers place orders by credit card?
Yes. Web-store-buddy has built-in support for taking credit card payments via Stripe and PayPal. Read more...
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Do I need a secure server or secure certificate to take credit card payments?
No. If you use the Web-store-buddy Stripe or PayPal option, then they provide the secure server ("secure sockets layer" SSL connection via "https:// ").
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Can customers place orders and pay me by check, money order or electronic funds transfer?
Yes, Web-store-buddy has these three payment options. And you're able to provide customizable payment instructions to the shopper (e.g. who to make the check or money order out to, where to send it, and so on).
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How many product items can I have?
We do not set a limit. Most Web-store-buddy merchants sell anything from a handful of products to a thousand or so products. Beyond that a shopping cart system with a CMS (Content Management System) may be more appropriate. Read more...
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I sell products with different "attributes", i.e. the same product but it comes in different colors and sizes. Can Web-store-buddy handle that?
Yes. Each product you have needs to have a unique code. But you don't need to create extra codes for products that are available with different options such as size or color. So let's say you sell hats, and you sell them in sizes small, medium, or large, and you sell them in three colors (blue, green, and red). Let's assume the product code for the hat is 'HAT001'. On the product page of your web site you can do this:
shopping cart example product HAT001: Pretty Hat Only $35! Shopping cart buy now button
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I need the shopper to be able to add some text when they select a product
No problem. Perhaps you need this so that the shopper can order a personalized product or so that they can add special instructions. On the product page of your web site you can do this kind of thing:
shopping cart example product Personalized Sweat Shirt ~ Only $5! Shopping cart buy now button
Text For Shirt :

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Can I import my product list into web-store-buddy?
Yes. With Web-store-buddy you can import a list of products in tab-delimited format. So let's say you have a spreadsheet with columns like so:


You would simply save the spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file and then upload the data into your store.
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Can I export or back up my Web-store-buddy product list and put it into a desktop spreadsheet or database?
Yes. With Web-store-buddy you can export a list of products in tab-delimited format. You can then save that as a text file and it can then be imported into any desktop application that supports the tab-delimited import format. In the case of most spreadsheets you can simply copy and paste the data straight in.
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Can I charge for delivery on a "per item" basis?
Yes. And to make it easy Web-store-buddy lets you set up a "default" delivery charge for your products. After that, all you need do is configure the delivery charge for those products that need to have a special rate.
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Can my delivery charges be calculated based on the value of the order?
Yes. You can either set up specific charge bands e.g. "charge $10 for orders less than $100", or you can set up percentage rates such as "charge 5% for orders less than $100".
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Can I set up different delivery charge rules for different countries?
Yes. You can have different per-item rates, or order value rates for different countries.
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Sometimes I don't know in advance how much the shipping will cost. How can Web-store-buddy handle that situation?
Web-store-buddy has an option that will allow your customer to place the order, but will inform the shopper that you will get back to them to confirm the delivery charge.
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I like to display my prices excluding sales tax. Can Web-store-buddy automatically add tax when the order is placed?
Yes. And Web-store-buddy's order confirmation email will show the tax calculation.
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My prices include sales tax. Can Web-store-buddy automatically take off tax when the order comes from a country outside my tax zone?
Sure! Web-store-buddy can take care of that for you.
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My store is in the European Union. When I sell to customers elsewhere in the EU I need to charge sales tax - unless the customer is VAT registered. Can Web-store-buddy handle that?
Certainly. You can enable this option from your control panel. Web-store-buddy will then allow business customers in other EU member states to supply their VAT number and organisation name. The validity of the VAT number will be checked against the EU's online database, which means you can be confident that your customer's VAT registration is genuine!
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Does Web-store-buddy work with different browsers?
Yes. Web-store-buddy is a server side application and that means that it requires nothing special from the shopper's browser such as Java, JavaScript or Flash. Read more...
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Does Web-store-buddy remember the details of returning customers?
Yes. When a shopper returns to place repeat orders all their contact and address details are “remembered” from their previous order. More about Web-store-buddy as a shopper friendly e-commerce system...
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If a shopper leaves my web site and then returns, will Web-store-buddy remember the contents of their shopping cart?
Yes. A shopper can move from page to page on your web site and any items they have placed in their shopping basket (and any address or order details they have entered) are stored. This means that you do not have to keep your shoppers within a restricted “ordering section” of your web site. A shopper can even leave your web site altogether, and when he/she returns their shopping cart contents will be still there. However once a visitor to your web site closes down their browser, their details are not stored (unless they have actually completed an order).
Does Web-store-buddy use cookies?
Web-store-buddy uses an uncontroversial form of cookie (called a "session cookie" as opposed to a "persistent cookie"). Whereas some types of privacy software will block the use of persistent cookies, this does not happen with session cookies. Read more...
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