Web-store-buddySearch engine friendly e-commerce for your web site

A 100% "search engine friendly" e-commerce solution...

What does "search engine friendly" mean? And why do we say "Web-store-buddy is a 100% friendly shopping cart solution"?

A search engine such as Google wants to know about your store and your products. They are in the business of delivering the best and most relevant results to their users. So if you've got something to sell, Google wants to help you! That's such great news, isn't it? One of the world's most powerful brands wants to help you reach your customers...

So what's the problem?

Well Google doesn't have a team of human reviewers who are going to patiently study your web pages and pick up on your sales pitch. Instead they use some clever software that sends a "crawler" or "robot" to visit your site. If the robot can navigate to your product pages and if the robot can identify plenty of relevant text, then your product details will find their way into the Google index.

The art of search engine optimization lies in doing everything in your power to make life easy for the search engine robots.

Unfortunately almost all shopping cart systems are database driven content management systems (CMS). That means they replace your regular web page design software with a semi-automated method of creating content. The benefit is that it becomes possible to manage many thousands of products. But the downside is that many options for you as the web designer become blocked. By necessity such a system limits your design flexibility and corals you into a straightjacket defined by the system's templates and design rules. And some of these restrictions are just the ones that can make life difficult or impossible for search engine robots to index and rank your site!

You control your web site content & design; Web-store-buddy manages the shopping process

The philosophy behind Web-store-buddy is different: We believe in the complete separation of design and function. For that reason, Web-store-buddy is not a content management system. The idea is that you design and publish your product pages just as you do any other page of your web site. Web-store-buddy provides the software that "makes it work" (with the advantage of being remotely hosted, which means there is no software to install and maintain on your server).

This leaves you, the webmaster, entirely in control of the content that a search engine robot will visit and analyze. That means you can apply every possible "good practice" and technique that is available to your content to make it "search engine friendly".

Take as just one example one of the most basic functions that you perform when you create a web site: naming your web pages. If you use Web-store-buddy can use a regular, shopper-friendly and robot-friendly URL for your product pages. Let's say you sell a computer monitor, you could call the product page:


You can call it whatever you like - Web-store-buddy just doesn't mind!

But here's a real example from a very widely used shopping cart system. In this case the page is just one click from the home page and has this horrific URL (the domain has been edited for privacy):