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Now it's easy to sell digital content with Web-store-buddy

Web-store-buddy provides secure, private storage for your downloadable products, for example music files, photography, digital art, eBooks, PDF and Word documents.

How you set up your downloadable products

First you log in to your control panel and upload your product files to your secure file vault. Files in your vault are protected from unauthorized access. This means that no one can discover the location of your files by rooting around your web site, thereby gaining access to your digital content without having first paid you for it!

Next you use your control panel to add saleable items to your Web-store-buddy products database. The process is the same for digital products as it is for tangible, regular products. That is to say you enter the following information:

  • Product code
  • Product description
  • Price

However, for a download product, you also associate the product code with one or more files from your secure vault.

Adding "buy now" buttons to your web pages

This works in exactly the same way as with regular products. You can use the Web-store-buddy code wizard to generate HTML to copy and paste into your web pages. Or if you are at all familiar with basic HTML you'll easily be able to code it yourself. The "buy now" button code for a digital, downloadable product is exactly the same as that of a regular product - so what could be easier?

The order process

When your customer orders a digital product everything works in exactly the same way as it does for normal products until you get to the end of the checkout process. At that point Web-store-buddy generates an individual time-limited and use-limited web page for this customer's use only. From that web page your customer can download your digital content (a single file, or multiple files).

  • "Time-limited" means that the custom web page will expire after a set number of days
  • "Use-limited" means that your customer is able to download the digital content a set number of times only

These digital download limits can be set from your Web-store-buddy control panel.

As well as providing the link (URL) to the custom web page on the final order confirmation screen, Web-store-buddy also provides the link in the order confirmation email too.

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