Web-store-buddySearch engine friendly e-commerce for your web site

A shopper-friendly e-commerce system

Web-store-buddy has been designed with the shopper in mind and incorporates a simple, straightforward and intuitive ordering process. Because this process does not make any special demands on your shopper's browser or computer, all your customers will enjoy a consistent user experience.

Many e-commerce sites demand that the shopper creates an account before they are allowed to complete the order. No doubt you have experienced how tedious and frustrating this can be (you end up with so many user names and passwords!). Web-store-buddy does not work that way. As long as your shopper has a working email address, that's all that's required.

At the same time Web-store-buddy makes it easy for returning customers. If a customer navigates away from your store in a session and then later returns, any shopping cart items they have added will not have been lost. Similarly, if a customer returns to your store to place repeat orders, he or she will not be required to laboriously enter and re-enter their contact details.

Automatic "continue shopping" link

Sometimes when buying items on the web a shopper can get lost in the maze of options of the payment process. For example, having visited a product page, your customer might want to review their shopping cart. Perhaps they will need to modify the cart quantities or remove something from the cart altogether. Perhaps they will then go to "checkout" and start the payment process - and then change their mind hoping to return to the product page they were last looking at. Fortunately this is all handled automatically for you by Web-store-buddy. Every shopping cart screen that Web-store-buddy displays provides a prominent "continue shopping" link to your customer which will take them back to the last product page they were browsing with just one click.