Web-store-buddySearch engine friendly e-commerce for your web site

At last - a shopping cart solution that won't harm your search engine rankings!

Web-store-buddy has been created for webmasters who need all the features of a shopping cart, but at the same time wish to retain complete control over web page design and publishing. This makes it possible for you to take advantage of all the best-practice techniques available to optimize your product pages for search engine crawlers and robots. With Web-store-buddy you name, design and publish your product pages on your server just as you do any other of your web site's pages, whilst Web-store-buddy provides the software to make it all work. And because Web-store-buddy is a remotely-hosted application "in the cloud" - there is nothing to install on your server, and no code to maintain and regularly update.

Announcing a new approach that separates design from function

Until now you had two options if you wanted to enable your web site for e-commerce.

  1. Install some complicated, hard to maintain (and possibly expensive) software on your web site server. This software would probably use a cumbersome publishing system that would limit your freedom as a web page designer.
  2. Sign up to a remotely-hosted web site store. In this case your product pages might not even exist under your domain name!

In both cases you could well find yourself frustrated by having to divide your web site into two sections: the regular pages, and the store with the product pages. This would be confusing to visitors (who would feel lost in the site structure). And from your point of view as the web designer, it would be hard to keep control of your web sites theme, style and navigation.

Now, with Web-store-buddy, there is a third way. On the one hand your product pages are designed by you and published on your web site. On the other hand the software is remotely-hosted "in the cloud" leaving you free from the headaches of installing and maintaining your own scripts and software code!

Discover an easy way to add web store functionality to your web pages

Web-store-buddy makes it simple to add shopping cart buttons to your web site. Using our "button wizards" you can just copy and paste a little code and, hey presto, you have a "view shopping cart" button, or a "proceed to checkout" button, or a "buy one now" button. You can sue our default graphics for these buttons. But if you prefer you can easily use your own graphics (or use HTML buttons or even regular HTML CSS-styles text links).

Finally - A shopping cart system that is easy for your customers to use...

E-commerce is growing at a tremendous rate. But for many shoppers the process of buying on the Internet can be a nightmare. If the ordering process does not translate into a simple step-by-step approach for the shopper - he or she will go away! Even the shopping cart systems of big budget global corporations can suffer from poor usability. That's why we have designed Web-store-buddy to make the shopping process simple, comfortable and intuitive.

Some e-commerce systems make extensive demands on the shopper's computer and browser. For example, perhaps they will work fine in some browsers and not others. Perhaps they require Java to be installed. Maybe they need "persistent cookies" to be enabled which some common types of privacy software may block. Not so with Web-store-buddy! Web-store-buddy will not trip your shoppers up just because they are using an old computer or a strange browser. Web-store-buddy is 100% browser compliant and does not assume any plug-ins (such as Java or Flash) are installed. This means that your e-commerce web site won't let you down just at the point when you are trying to “close that sale”.

Sign up now for your FREE 14 day trial!

Why not check out the powerful features of the Web-store-buddy shopping cart with our free 14 day trial? The trial is not a cut-down version - all features are fully enabled. If you like Web-store-buddy you can choose to subscribe at any time during your free trial. (We accept payment by credit card, but no credit card details are required in order to start the free trial).